Keko's Cakes

We got Keko when he was 12 weeks old and enjoyed having a dog in the house again.  

Keko’s cakes comprises of Keko of course, Rachel who does the baking and markets. Also, Rob who isn’t too keen on the smell of liver so tends to do things behind the scenes and helps with the markets. 

It all started when our handsome boy Keko was approaching his 1st birthday. Having originated from the UK, doggy cakes can be found in numerous places with ease. 

The process of trying to find a doggy cake.

I went round all the pet shops (big & small), vets and to dog food companies with no success. 

I had no joy in finding a cake and was not one that could bake. On the phone to my dad (who is in the UK) I explained my plight. 

As he was a chef a long time ago, he suddenly stated what ingredients I needed and that I could do this! So, I thought I’d have a go, sourcing all the ingredients and made a liver loaf. It didn’t look great from a human perspective, but Keko went mad for it and ate it up so fast. 

Then Keko's Cakes was Born!

I started to think there was an opportunity for other furry friends and so I gave some to our friends and our dog walker to try out with other doggies. The response was amazing. I realised that the look needed to be improved as a baked liver cake doesn’t look appealing. Thinking back to doggy birthday cakes finishing them off with icing and creating names, numbers and bones. This is a special occasion treat, so then thought about a treat and that’s when I started doing doggy cupcakes.