How long do the birthday cakes and cupcakes last for?

5 days in the fridge, longer if frozen.

What sort of liver do you use?

Lambs. Chicken.

What ingredients are in the liver cakes?

Liver. Flour, Eggs, Lactose free milk or water.

What ingredients are in the apple cupcakes?

Apple sauce, Honey, Vanilla Extract, Egg, Flour, Apple chips, baking powder, Water.

What is in the icing?

Mutt Peanut Butter and Crème Cheese.

What is in the bones?

Flour, Water, Egg, Beef or Chicken.

Do you do any other shapes rather than bone?

Yes. Paw, Dog.

How many day’s notice do you need to do a cake?

1-2 days depending on what is being ordered.

Do you deliver?

Yes, local to Bucklands Beach is free. Small fee for outside Auckland. Can pick up from Bucklands Beach.

Which markets do you attend?

Howick and Beachlands.

Are these products suitable for cats?

Absolutely. The liver treats go down a storm.

Do you do special requests?

Yes. I always make birthday cakes to order and will ask what it is you require.

Do you belong to any regulatory authorities?

Have completed Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI61) which relates to Animal Products Team and Food Regulation.

Do you deliver?

Yes, within a 6KM radius of Howick is free. Outside this area please contact us for costs.

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